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Journal of Sin Kindle Select promo results

My freebie promo has ended and I can now share some results with you: 11,291 downloads Highest ranks: US Store #20 free list, #1 Murder and #2 Women sleuths UK Store #126 free list #2 English crime #6 Murder (I

Journal of Sin Kindle Select promo

My first (and only) book, A Journal of Sin, will be free via KDP Select from tomorrow until Thursday. It was published on December 27th 2014. It spent Jan at .99 (77 sales) and Feb at 2.99 (87 sales). It

Nevermind Speed Dating, how about Speed Therapy?

         I went speed dating once. It was a while back and was the most awkward thing I’ve ever done. Okay, that’s not true. The most awkward thing I’ve ever done was sing ‘Hit me baby one more time’ on

Book Review – Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham.

   This week’s book review was written by a British crime writing powerhouse. No wait, this week’s book was written by a British crime writing powerhouse. The review was written by a British crime writing mud hut (and he’s only

Thoughts on…my Kindle Select promo results

   Last week, I wrote a post about how I prepared for my Kindle Select freebie weekend, so this week, I figured I’d update you all on the results.    The book was free for on Saturday 7th and Sunday

A Night in the Cells with….Lauren Bradshaw

    The jangling of metal cuffs can only mean one thing. Here we are again, in the cells with another suspect to interro–, interview, interview. Old-fashioned bad habits creeping in there. We’ve got to be nice to them all these days, especially

Book Review – Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

    I’m planning on improving my reading habits this year. I spent most of last year writing my novel and reading went by the wayside. Silly really considering how the two hobbies are so intimately linked. Reading helps to

I do not have a like button.

I do not have a like button, It’s nowhere to be seen, I’m sure I had one somewhere once, But it’s no longer on the screen. When you don’t have a like button, It’s tough to really know, When people

Preparing for my weekend freebie promo

   The original plan was to use my select free days when my I released my second novel. That way, as is often touted, I would benefit from knock on sales from the second book. Sound advice, but as the

Thoughts on…selling my first one hundred copies.

This post is a little belated. I sold my first 100 books a couple of weeks ago and have been far further behind on blog posts than my New Year’s resolution suggested I’d be. Three times a week plus an interview